सीएमपी पहल



CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya.

Updated as on the last working day of the month.


Initiative(Establish a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight into the initiative)

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning Objectives realized or not

Name of the teacher in -charge along with designation


Emphasis is being  laid on spoken English classes and development of communication skills

To enable students to converse in English.

Yes, Partially realized

Teachers teaching English, Maths and EVS


Proper utilization of Library Periods .

To develop reading habits

Yes, realized

Teachers taking Library periods


CD’s and VCD’S of Educational Value are shown .

To improve the habits of listening, observation and speaking skills

Yes, realized

Film show periods have been allotted to Teacher.


Value enrichment programme in morning assembly.

To enable the students inculcate the values and the importance of these values in their lives.

Yes, realized

During Morning assembly .(All House Masters and Associates)


Various C.C.A. Competitions like English calligraphy competition and drawing competition etc were conducted ,involving mass participation of students  …


To enhance the creativity of students .

Yes, realized

CCA Co-ordinator Mrs.Shalini Juneja and all the teachers


Teachers are using technology aided learning visualizer, LCD projector and PowerPoint Presentation .

To enable students to have a better understanding of concepts through visuals and make the lesson interesting  .

Yes,being realized

All subject Teachers


School Readiness Programme
» With the aim of making a child familiar with school environment, culture and make him receptive towards teaching learning process .

Students of class I were able to familiarize themselves with the school environment.

Yes ,realized.

Mrs. Suman Mehta

Mrs. Poonam Maurya

Mrs. Shyama Kr. Kain.




Activity books, story books,fairy tales are purchased  for library in primary section. .

To instill reading habit among children, to improve day to day communicative skill and knowledge of the students.

Yes realized

All primary teachers.