सी. एम. पी. पहल -

अंतिम अद्यतनीकरण : 28-08-2017

क्रम संख्या पहल कक्षा - विषय शिक्षण उद्देश्य शुरू की गई परिकल्पना शिक्षण उद्देश्य महसूस की या नहीं प्रभारी शिक्षक और पदनाम
1 Emphasis is being laid on spoken English classes and development of communication skills. Class I-V Eng,Maths, EVS To Enable students to converse in English. Yes,going On In The Classes. Teachers teaching English,Maths and EVS.
2 Proper Utilization of library period Class I-V To develop reading habits Yes,realised Teachers taking library periods
3 Film Shows are shown. CD's and VCD's are purchased from children film society. Class I-V To improve the habit of listening,observation and speaking skills. It also recreates and entertains them. Yes,realised Periods have been allocated to the teachers
4 Moral Values,enrichment and perrsonality development programmes are conducted in morning assembly Class I-V To enable the students inculcate the importance of discipline,puntuality, sincerity etc in their lives. Yes,going On During Morning assembly (All House Masters and Associates)
5 CCA Activities like Hindi Pakhwada,Hindi Calligraphy,Story Telling,Poem recitation,Doha Recitation) Class I-V To Enhance the creativity of the students and to draw out hidden talent of students. Yes,realised CCA Coordinator Mrs. Suman Singh HouseMasters and all the teachers
6 Teachers are using technology aided learning. Visualizer,LCD Projector,interactive board and Powerpoint presentations are used. Class I-V To Enable students to have a better understanding of the concepts Yes,realised All Subject teachers
7 Workshop by N.I.E on puppet making and ganesha making and candle making was conducted. Class I-V Students were taught about Puppet making and Ganesh Making,candle making Yes,realised Person from N.I.E and all class teachers.
8 Medical check up for all the classes is completed for first term Class I-V Medical check up was done for all the students and appropriate advice was given by the doctor Mr. R.K. Kataharya Yes,realised Medical Incharge Doctor Mr. R.K. Kataharya and Nurse Ms.,Follow up action by all the teachers
9 Cleanliness drive is conducted in every fortnight Class I-V Cleanliness drive is observed in the school as part of swatch bharat abhiyan Yes,realised All the teachers and the students were actively involved
10 TLM Material is purchased and Utilised Class I-V TLM Material are being purchased timely as per the requirement for the school and are being used. Yes,realised TLM Incharge Mrs. Tarulata Rai Chaudhary and all teachers